Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Homeade Dollhouse Tour

Hey guys! Today I wanted to show you the AG house that I made. I used two large boxes and scrapbook paper. The furniture is all just stuff I had around, so now Isabelle will take over!
Hello, and welcome to Izzy's Room Tours! I am now in front of the new house! It has four small rooms, so let's head inside.

This is the bedroom! The bed is an old AG doll box, the bedside table is a box and the pet bed is a pillow mom's (who is Uppermichigirl) friend made for her. On the floor near the bedside table are some shoes, and on it is a bracelet, a flashlight, and a few other miscellaneous items. The bedding is an Our Generation sleeping bag and some home-made extras! Now let's go to the kitchen!
Here is the kitchen! First we have a chair that mom made, then we have some of Kit's laundry stuff from AG. The stove is from a decoration from a random catalog, and on it are some random cups and a loaf of bread. Under it is a lunchbox from a candy store and under the ironing board are some shopkins baskets. The carpeting is just a bandana while the wallpaper is scrapbook paper. Now we'll head to the dining room!
Here is the very small dining room! The table and chairs are from Our Generation and the phone is too. The basket is from a thrift store, and it is filled with random cookies. (The flooring is scrapbook paper.)Now for the final room, the bathroom!

Here is the bathroom! The bathtub is from an old Walmart set, as is the loofah, and shampoo. The sink is a blind box and a fast food basket. The flooring is an extra piece of foam tile that is from when we put in flooring. The rug is from a different old Walmart set. Now for the pictures of me in all of the rooms!

There they are! (Don't I look adorable?) So bye!!!!

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