Saturday, May 16, 2015

An Updateish

Hey Guys! I am sooooooooooooooo sorry about not having like any posts. It is just that I have been really into Pintrest and YouTube lately so that is why I have not been around in the blogging world much. I can not promise any post, but I can tell you that is you want updates on what I am up to then just check out @Abagail Smith on Pintrest you'll know it's me if my description says "caution crazy fangirl here! " It says other stuff to. I would put a link, but I sadly am soo stupid that I don't know how sooooo yeah! Also for updates check out Jade and TJ Smith on YouTube. I started and AG series called Our Crazy Family of Girls! It is just a look at the crazy life that my dolls live! By Brother is also on our YouTube so you can see some of him too! BTW if you are wondering why I am Jade on YouTube, and Abagail on Pintrest, it is because Abagail is my doll so I chose that name for Pintrest!

Anyway BYE!!!